Episode 42: The Grey Zone

Some call it post grad life, others call it the Grey Zone. Whatever you call it, it’s an unpredictable time in your life that you feel you aren't “prepared” for; the feeling of being in a slump, that your life can (and should) turn...

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Episode 25: ABM- AsianBossMoms

Before ABG, there was ABM: Asian Boss Moms.

In today’s episode, we talk about our mothers’ specific journeys to the west. Their stories help define who we are as individuals/daughters/sons and provide the context…

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Episode 24: Periods & Poop

Periods and poop — natural conditions of every woman's body, yet topics that are not commonly discussed publicly. From tampons to PMS, and cultural remedies to sex on your period, we share our varying experiences and tips. And when it com...

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