Episode 46: Assumptions, ABG edition!

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ABGs and ABBs -- we have reached the end of Season 4!! Y'all have stuck with us for FOUR whole seasons now. It’s safe to say that you probably have some assumptions about us! "Does recording ABG only take one take?!?" "Do we ever fight?!" "Is there one person in ABG that is super controlling?" "Do we always wear makeup when we step out the door?" "Do we only hang out with Asians?" ..and many, many more. 

 We want to thank you all SO much for listening in + engaging with us throughout these past 46 episodes. We'll be taking a short break from recording to really focus on growing our lil baby pod and brainstorming ways to bring more kick ass content to YOU! Trust us when we say -- we are just getting started, and we want to take you along for the ride. We're so incredibly thankful for this small but powerful ABG + ABB community, and we hope to continue being a voice for the AA community, one that you can be proud of. Stay connected with us through our social accounts (@asianbossgirl). And keep your eye out for NEW MERCH -- dropping soon ;O!!! Love you all! xx