Episode 44: Mental Health with Christine Chen

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Mental Health is a topic that we frequently receive requests to talk about on this podcast. As Asian Americans, mental health is, without question, a taboo topic and one that is often dismissed and/or feared. Discussions about health and wellness are on the rise, and as Asian American women, most of us experience a particular shared set of stressors -- dealing with external factors such as our careers and our families, and internalized factors, like telling ourselves that we’re not “good enough”.

In this episode, we invite our very good friend and fellow podcaster boss girl, Christine Chen to the table! Christine has been incredibly brave and open in discussing her experience with clinical depression. Recognizing that mental health encompasses a wide spectrum - from managing day-to-day stress to dealing with anxiety and clinical depression - we discuss our varying personal perspectives and experiences. We want to emphasize that we are not healthcare professionals and that this episode is purely representative of our personal experiences and points of view. If you are seeking support and/or advice, we highly encourage you to contact a professional. Below are some resources we reference in the episode, and others that we hope you will find helpful: