Episode 40: Single and Ready to… Marry?

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Ah.. the ever continuous discussion of dating (or, lack thereof).

For anyone else in their post-collegiate, 30s+ stage in life, this one’s for you! We talk about the sweet spot between our 20s and 30s, where we’re no longer in a low-stakes college relationship, we’ve already been on plentyyy of dates to know the qualities we look for in a significant other, and we feel like we're SUPPOSED to be in a steady relationship building towards a family -- but 2 out of 3 of us, are not. Mel and Janet share their recent date experiences, how to maturely and respectfully 'reject' someone, qualities we gauge in finding a good partner (including wanting to jump them), and Helen talks through how to manage a busy schedule while finding time to spend with her s/o.

This is also the first time we're including a "Dear ABG" segment, where we incorporate YOUR voicemails into our podcast and answer your Q's! For your chance to be featured, send us a voicemail at (213) 262 - 8776! Thanks for all the recent submissions!

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