Episode 34: Reflections & Resolutions

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It’s been such an amazing journey of shared stories and building a small ABG/ABB community with y’all. As we near the end of the first month of 2019, we reflect on our 2018 conclusions, touch upon our 2019 resolutions, and cringe/celebrate how we’ve been tracking on those #goals/#aims/#focuses to date. Join us as we talk about our intentions for the rest of the year: our shift in focus towards mental health, being more open to romance, a dry Janet, continuing to support other Asian women in the areas they excel at, becoming a better friend, and plans for ABG next season. We’ve already helped Janet w/ one of her focuses of the year – becoming a yogi! [jk, but she CAN do a free standing headstand now  - WOW!!]

We are taking a short break to get them vital juices flowing again to bring new energy and a season full of fresh, kick-ass content for y’all. We’ll continue to stay connected via the Internets. Keep an eye out for MERCH!! And if you’re in the LA area this weekend, hope to see you at our LIVE meet up this Saturday, 2/2 at 18 Social in DTLA!! Please RSVP in the link in our IG bio if you haven’t already ;).