Episode 20: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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Breakups are never easy. They’re confusing, hurtful, lonely, empty, infuriating, and aren’t the same for any two people. No matter how many times you’ve experienced a breakup, it never gets easier.

These days, what we see on Instagram and other social media platforms is a euphoric state of life; that everything is perfect. We see couples head over heels for one another, but we know that image is only a glimpse into a moment, candid or not. There will always be some level of tension in a relationship, anything from I’m annoyed that he didn’t text me all day, to something as major as cheating and I have to place my mistrust behind a facade of reassurance. We’ve talked about problem solving in Episode 16. But what happens when you can’t solve those problems any longer? And how do we deal with the [<3] pain? 

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