Episode 17: Does Your Personality Fit Your Career?

Have you ever taken the time to really think about who you are and how you operate? What are your strengths? Your weaknesses?  Choosing a career that is not a fit for your personality is likely to leave you feeling unhappy and apathetic. If you don't know yourself as well as you'd like to, there are a variety of personality assessment tests such as "Myers-Briggs" or "What Color Is Your Parachute?" available to help you identify your personality type. Of course, we wouldn't suggest basing your decision solely on the results of an internet career test. But they can offer useful suggestions you may not have thought of, or confirm the suitability of the job you currently have, or anticipate having. Join us, as we evaluate our personalities with the help of Meyers Briggs and the 16 personalities tests and talk through our careers in finance, tech, and fashion. Let us know if you end up taking these tests, and share with us your results!

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