Episode 18: The Pussyhat Project with Krista Suh

Did you know that the person responsible for the pink hats at The Women's Marches is an Asian American woman in her 30s? Welcome fellow AsianBossGirl - Krista Suh, a feminist, an artist, a Hollywood screenwriter, the creator of The Pussyhat Project and author of "DIY Rules for a WTF World". For those in our audience who were following The Women’s March movement, you may have noticed the bright pink hats that many people were wearing at the 600+ rallies around the world. Well, Krista is the individual responsible for creating and distributing the design, and essentially empowering millions of people around the world to make and wear this symbol of solidarity in support of women’s and human rights. Join us for a personal conversation with Krista, as we cover everything from her Asian American upbringing, to her thoughts on feminism and how she got into politics, to dating ;)