Episode 29: Asian Women - Do We Fit the Stereotypes?

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Whether it’s the color of our skin, the job title on our LinkedIn, or the city we answer when someone asks us where we are from, each of these aspects of identity are an opportunity for someone to assume other traits about us. In this episode, we discuss a handful of stereotypes that apply to us as women of Asian descent: from our driving skills to our math skills, our physical strength to our bedroom preferences, and our spending habits (or lack thereof) to our tolerance for alcohol. We also dig into stereotypes associated with each of our professions: fashion, finance, and technology, as well as the neighborhoods we grew up in: San Jose, Boston, and Orange County. Take a listen and let us know if you can relate. What are some stereotypes applied to you, and are they sometimes true?

Please excuse the choppiness in the first half of the episode - we had some technical difficulties! Thank you in advance for your understanding!

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