Episode 23: Home-Coming

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Hello, hello! We are BACK with another fun-filled season PACKed with juicy episodes, a few guest speakers near and dear to our hearts (ABMs!) and other topics that we’ve gathered from YOU (our listeners).


The three of us have had quite an eventful summer, from promotions, to travel, to welp -- aging. In this episode, we’ll catch you up on what we have been up to and also focus heavily on the non-social media, non-fabricated side of travel. What is it really like to relocate and live in another city/country? From elation to frustration to a love/hate relationship. “Home” genuinely becomes the most loaded, beautiful, and yet pull-at-the-heartstrings word you could ever imagine. The expat experience sounds like a dream, but there’s so much to it that makes it not so fantasy. Join us as we share our experiences with being away from our definition of “home”, in travel.

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