Episode 12: Labor of Love

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As a natural progression from our last episode, we think it is fitting to talk about…BABIES! Like weddings, there are a handful of women (&men) who envision what it’s like to have children- from being pregnant, the process of naming them to the hardest job ever - raising them. Listen in as we share our fantasies about having babies and the harsh, painful reality of going into labor! OW!

We also share thoughts on our personal baby, this podcast, with you! From our initial hesitations, our goals, and overall how this podcast making journey has been for us. This episode marks the end of our first season, but don't worry. We got a bun in the oven and we're planning to release our next baby in January 2018! Until then, we'll keep in touch via the Internets. Thank you for sticking with us through the end of the first season!! xoxo, ABG 

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