About asianbossgirl

A podcast for the modern day Asian American woman hosted by Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, and Janet Wang.

We started this podcast as an outlet for topics we are interested in, and for sharing stories we have as 20-30 something yr. old Asian American women working, dating, and living in Los Angeles.

It's no secret that Asian women are lacking in almost all media outlets. As three women working in finance, tech, and production who balance careers, life aspirations, and eventful social lives (we have our fair share of 5am returns from the club), we hope our perspectives can help, inform, and entertain those girls (and guys) with similar backgrounds or an interest in our backgrounds. 

We like to think of this as our invitation for you to join our once private girl talk sessions! So grab a glass of wine and let's get this show started ;)

A special thank you to our producers: Philip Wang, Eric Wang, and Ki Hong LeeJennet Liaw for branding and graphics; and Andrew Kung for photography and editing.


Photo by Andrew Kung

Melody Cheng

Hi, it’s Mel!  I’m a proud Taiwanese-American from the Bay Area. I moved to San Diego for undergrad, and ended up calling LA my home due to work.  

My true passion lies in storytelling and connecting with people through media, especially within the Asian American community. I’ve explored different jobs within the media world from producing, film programming/marketing, to talent managing. Currently, I work full time in production at a photography studio for a fashion company.

When not booking talent or buying some random prop for a shoot, I’m usually low-key fan girling over kpop or catching up with the girls on “What happened last night?”

Ladies (and men), I’m so excited for you to join in on this conversation and navigate this social jungle we call our mid 20s-30s.  Time to bust out that bottle of wine…or Jameson ;) 

Helen Wu

Hi! I’m Helen. I'm Chinese-American, born and raised in Boston, MA, and a transplant in the LA area. For the past 7 years, I’ve worked at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, specializing in mergers and acquisitions and valuation / consulting of private companies in the tech, retail, and pharma space. Over the course of these 7 years, I haven't had many managers to look up to who were Asian and female, but now I realize I am one of the few examples at my firm today; something I'm quite proud of.

As a Sagittarius, an ESFP-A, a social butterfly, but an introvert at heart, I can’t sit still. Outside of the office, you can find me looking for any excuse to go for a run on the beach, teaching myself new recipes, or literally hanging out at a pull-up bar (yes, a pull-up bar – my fitness goal is to complete one :) @onepullup). Somehow, I still end up at a boba cafe for hours each weekend putting in extra hours; work never ends.

I see this podcast as a way for us ‘non-creatives’ who work 9-5+ jobs with a curiosity for ‘something more’ to share a voice with those who feel the same. It's easy to see all Asian American women as one type, or in one category, but this isn't true. We have unique experiences that distinguish us, and my desire for this podcast is to have an outlet to express my perspective, my challenges, and my humor, in hopes that others can relate. 

Janet Wang

I am a Chinese-American SoCal native who has spent periods of my life in San Francisco, New York, Miami, and Kenya, before settling back into Los Angeles. I 9 to 5 as a digital product designer, my 3rd career and 5th interest pursuit (I once spent a semester in Chinese Medicine School).

As a daughter of Taiwanese-Chinese parents who were raised with customary Chinese values, I'm rather traditional and reserved. But my parents are also quite unconventionally Chinese personalities, so I was taught to be open minded, to explore and think for myself over following status quo, and I am a bit of a hippy at heart (yes - I like yoga, meditation, believe in the good in all people, and limit my consumption of animal products).

I hope that by sharing some of my perspectives and stories, those of you out there who do not fully relate to pre-existing norms or communities (not being "Asian" enough, being a single woman in her 30s, having jumped around in many career pursuits, etc.), find some comfort, useful information, and entertainment.